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Lena Imobiliária

the right choice

Lena Imobiliária specializes in the investment and promotion of real estate projects, and consists of companies with experience and know-how. We offer benchmark products , with high quality and in prime locations, styled for quality living.
Acutely aware of the latest international trends and concerned about our environment, Lena Imobiliária places ever greater emphasis on sustainable construction based on optimized use of energy and efficient environmental solutions.

more about us

We build all over the country including on the islands of Madeira and the Azores, we also have several international projects. Our presence in the strategic sector of construction allows us to move naturally towards internationalization, a process already started in other areas of business. Projects are now underway in Angola, Romania and Bulgaria.

Our construction projects include residential as well as non-residential buildings (offices, commerce and warehouses).


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